Wednesday, April 15, 2015

my Facebook .. its drifting

hello Allan,
its been a while since I written anything .. things was just too hectic with work.. and lately i'ven been feeling sick quiet often.. My tonsillitis is getting swollen every time the weather change, and my body pain from over exercising at the Gym.

I was looking through my blog and read a history of things happening in my life and sometimes I forget writing it myself.

Oh btw im going back to Tawau for my birthday this year.  I have made a Oath to myself that I would spend more time with my family this year, but at times I think i'm failing.  Anyway this year I am coming back for my birthday but I found out recently that my mum is not going to be in Tawau, as she is resting in KK .. yes her osteoporosis is getting worst and I wouldn't want to bug her to come to Tawau but it would be nice to have my mum. YESSSSSSSSSS I AM TURNING 47 this year.

The big 47.   When I was my teen , I always imagine not growing old  dying early he he, because I always think that my life will be rough and poorly lived, but now im 47, thanking GOD everyday for the wonderful gift to me.. having a good and rich life (spiritually , mentally and financially as compared to some other lads).

My birthday I plan just to have a simple celebration, going to my fathers grave to share my existence with him, asking for his prayers continue blessings. Maybe if I got time I would like to visit some of my ex classmates in Tawau found recently in facebook. I hope to rekindle our long lost  friendship  and maybe visiting BAL and even TAIKO PLANTATION. where it all begin.. would be nice to come back kan.  I will take some pictures.. to see and hoping to see some old friends as well.

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